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Confidential investigations,
absolutely meet the specific requirements of each client.

A tailor-made discreet investigation service for satisfying all potential clients.

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is a leading private detectives agency of Taiwan, we have the most unique skilled team experienced in all kinds of investigation in not only private sectors, but also work for governmental units for years.

Full Service Private Investigation Firm.

Throughout an extensive career as a professional private investigator in Taiwan, 30-year investigatory veteran Gibson Zheng and his team of exemplary private detectives at UNION Private Detective Agency confidently surpass the competition with unparalleled professionalism and a commitment to the absolute satisfaction of our clients throughout the Asia area.

Our experts are well trained in multinational / overseas investigation all over the world, especially in tracking hidden asset / personals. We helped not only corporate clients but also governmental units in their multinational tasks / operations of investigation.

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is a private investigative business covering the area of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia. We provide to the service industry, law firms, individual, as well as to the private sector, a varied, effective and low cost investigative services.

We have skilled agents and all necessary resources, as well as information and equipment in conducting all needs of our clients. For years of efforts, we had good reputation and trustworthy team and successfully helped our clients in their cases all over the world.

Based in Taiwan with offices in New Taipei city, Taichung City and Kaohsiung City.

UNION Private Detective Agency has over 30 years of professional- experience. We are very results-oriented investigation professional with broad experience.

We have local associates / sub-contractors / connections in all major countries of the world could help you in all kinds of investigation or even your global risk managements not limited in private sectors.

For corporate investigation, debt collection, asset tracking, background checking, credit / due diligence, even criminal / civil cases and litigation support, we have our agents / investigators/ staffs ready for your 24 hours assistance.

If you have a hunch, we can check it out and find the truth – as we have done for so many clients.

Discreet proceed with high efficiency.