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Hong Kong Private Investigation from Taiwan

Why We Are Better

UNION Private Investigations has the best private investigators in Taiwan, and around the world.

We have been conducting investigations and solving cases for over 30 years across the country and foreign regions.

Everyday, advances in technology change how we communicate, socialize, travel and work. Investigation services and techniques are more dependent on technology now than ever before. By integrating skill sets in photography, information technology and private investigation, we provide our clients specialized services resulting in high quality investigative solutions.

The most trusted team of professional private investigators in Taiwan. All our investigators are highly trained agents with a proven track record in military and/or law enforcement.

We provide information to the general public, attorneys, risk managers, corporations and other individuals to assist in making correct choices affecting their respective organization both for civil matters as well as criminal ones.

Our surveillance and investigative methods have helped us become one of the leaders in the field by consistently updating our surveillance and investigative techniques and working with each client personally.

We’ve developed a terrific reputation over 30 years because we understand the process of how to run a high-level family investigation. Whether it’s a complicated custody case, a suspected affair, a deep background check, proving cohabitation, a complex asset search, we have the knowhow, the expert resources, the patience and the diligence to help you.

If you have the commitment, we have the skills, so call me and let’s see how UNION Private Detective Agency can help you too.

Our expertly trained staff is comprised of former government agents, police detectives, and seasoned private detective veterans. Whether your case is local, national or international, we have the resources to handle it.

Services we offered

  • Executive & Key Staff Profiles
  • Adultery Investigation
  • Missing people locating
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Insurance investigation
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Brand Protection
  • Copyright Violation
  • Licensing & Franchise Violations
  • Unfair Competition Practices
  • Mark Usage & History / Debugging Sweep
  • Pre-Transaction Intelligence
  • Misrepresentations
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Pre-Merger / Pre-Acquisition Investigations
  • Witness Location / Litigation Support
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Witness Investigations and Evaluations

A seasoned PI investigator will respond within 12 hours.

All information entered here is strictly confidential.

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