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Japan Private Investigation services

Our entire team has a proven track record in military and/or law enforcement, the full support of a Taiwan based management team, and the proper equipment, training and resources to do the job right the first time.

UNION Private Detective Agency has provided thousands of clients with a wide variety of solutions, which means that when you hire us, you’re going to benefit from a team with the experience, knowledge, and skills best suited for your unique situation.

Our private investigators perform tailor-made services for you in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and other regions of Japan.

We stay up to date with the technologies in the industry and aligned ourselves with several leaders in the fields of GPS tracking, analysis, divorce law. If you would like to work with one of the best private investigation firms in Taiwan, contact us today!

We are a private investigator firm that has been conducting professional investigations and surveillance worldwide for over 30 years. We have the private detectives, resources, and knowledge you need for any one of our personalized services.

We are capable of providing the widest range of expert services. We maintain the highest ethical professional standards backed by detailed, accurate reports and expert testimony.

We understand the need to be diversified and have been consistently providing professional investigative and surveillance services to our clients since established.

Services we offered

  • Executive & Key Staff Profiles
  • Adultery investigation
  • Missing people locating
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Insurance investigation
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Brand Protection
  • Copyright Violation
  • Licensing & Franchise Violations
  • Unfair Competition Practices
  • Mark Usage & History / Debugging Sweep
  • Pre-Transaction Intelligence
  • Misrepresentations
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Pre-Merger / Pre-Acquisition Investigations
  • Criminal, civil, and domestic investigations
  • Witness Location / Litigation Support
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Witness Investigations and Evaluations

What to expect?

In our standard service products for each assignment we will include but not limited the following:

  1. Detailed daily email or a given communication software updates with photos
  2. Detailed Final Report after 3-7 days of assignment completion
  3. Standard or High Definition video-documentation in USB flash drive format

We also would like to inform you that our video documentation quality will continue to be standard definition on both open and cover video cameras. Additionally, high definition video documentation is available upon request.

For any more details regarding our services and products please contact us.