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Not all PI companies in Taiwan have overseas investigation abilities.

We are the premier private investigation and detective agency located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is the leading overseas investigation service of Taiwan, our global investigation capabilities could easily help you on all your needs.

We are a leading background check and private investigation firm with expert investigators in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine and Cambodia, as well as Malaysia and Singapore.

We pride ourselves on integrity and stick fast to our code of ethics. All of our employees have completed a strict background check. Our investigators are extremely capable of adapting to change in the field and are equipped with the latest covert cameras and technology.

We specialize in covert surveillance investigations from International fraud to domestic infidelity cases. We have trained investigators that will shadow your subject or claimant and obtain their daily activities. We work one on one with each client to ensure that every piece of evidence is properly obtained and documented.

If you need to know the truth behind the lies, we can help you…

Investigation in other countries is not like investigation in Taiwan, since different countries have different laws, different circumstances and different situations. This also means higher risks and more probability that may cause trouble or problems. With global network of investigation, we have strong capabilities which could deal with all kind of situation and help our clients could stay safe and away from risks.

Please be advised, NOT all investigation agencies in Taiwan could be able to operate investigation in other countries.

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We provide a wide-range of investigative services from Fraud Investigations, Legal, Financial Checks, People Searches, Cheaters, Infidelity, Child Custody, Marital, Family, Domestic, Corporate Investigations, among others.

24/7, global response

In fact, Taiwanese PI agencies can only operate case in mainland China and somewhere only speaks Chinese.

Our bilingual agents could help you to deal with all situations overseas, please contact our case managers for more details.

UNION Private Detective Agency is now the largest team of professional private investigators operating in Taiwan and Asia region.