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Our service included but not limited as follows

24/7 services, you can always get a window to contact us

Free consultations

High privacy investigation services

Global investigation services / capability

Discreetly services

Government bonded

30 more years of experiences

UNION Detectives

Reasonable cost for your budget control, best quality services for your satisfactions

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is an experienced and powerful team with 30 more years of experience, devoted on all kinds of investigation in private sectors all over the world. We have the best of the best agents / investigators / consultants to fit your needs.

Why should I hire a detective / private investigation service from UNION Private Detectives?

The reason is quite simple; we have the best agents / services.

Trustworthy team

UNION Private detective Agency has a level A team and worked for corporation, law firms, insurance group, even governmental agencies. We offer our global network and well-trained private investigators for each of our client’s interests and benefits. We are the important security detail of each our major clients in their risk management programs.

UNION Private Detective Agency offered comprehensive professional services in litigation support such as insurance fraud investigation, patent / trademark violation, even the common marital / personal check for our VIP individuals.

We worked with all kinds of cases throughout the world with multinational agencies / law firms / consulting companies to protect our clients from any possible risk could harm their business / personal interests. We are your best local solutions in Taiwan, and even China as well.

Client first, our code of work

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is your best choice in Taiwan when you need any private investigation service or skilled investigators. Our experienced team worked with multinational private investigators (PI), lawyers, even law-enforcement agencies, we know every key-point could help our clients and always make sure to get the job done.

Client’s needs are what we worked so hard for it is also our working code and company culture.

Mr. Gibson Cheng, CEO of Union Private Investigation Inc., with 30 more years of experience in this field and also the major member, board member or even chairman of several local PI Associations in Taiwan.

With professional team, hard diligent working, passion, and client first code, we are able to offer the best service for each of our client, and always be ready to offer useful solutions and resolve their problems.

No doubt, we are the leading private investigation service provider in Taiwan. Just contact us for more references and case details.

Multinational team and network

UNION Private Detective team worked 24 hours a day, which means we are always ready to offer you support and response your case all over the world.

Our global team network all over the world could help you in all kinds of cases, if you found yourself in need of our assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Trustworthy investigation report, for your litigation support

UNION Private Investigation Inc. has plenty experience worked for law firms, civil or even crime courts of other nations, we are experienced in offering useful litigation support for any necessary means of your court using. We could always work with your own lawyers or even as a team to protect your benefits.

Our case evaluation report is also very important for client to analyze their current status / situation and to determine / to proceed on their next steps.

In common situation, our report will include, but not limited as follows:

  1. Name and profile of target
  2. Current address , residence, status etc.
  3. Possible asset check
  4. Labor status
  5. Details of associates / incidents
  6. Credit check
  7. Media references
  8. Daily schedule, if necessary
  9. Video / Voice records
  10. Paper report for legal purpose