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Background check, Pre-marital check

To know the real truth without doubt.

Life aren’t easy nowadays, a proper background investigation is always the key to know people more and help you to decide what kind of relationship with how deep you shall involve when facing them.

Husband / wife, business partners, co-workers, staffs, those who might share the most part of life with you, those near you and know you, those may have abilities to harm you, and you need to know them well.

Not only based on your sense, feelings, but stick with truth, you could understand how and why, and decide to carry on, or simply avoid possible risks.

Beautiful marriage always based on truth and understanding comes within.

We all know love cannot be the only indicator if you thought you are going in and trying to devote yourself in a serious relationship.

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is your best solution in Taiwan to understand better who you might spend your rest of life with. No emotional affection involved, only stick with truth and facts.

Marriage fraud with emotional attachment is always the worst scenario and always the major concern of people who is going to devote him/herself in a commitment / relationship. We are here to help, to protect, and to resolve your risks / problems with effective ways, reasonable costs.

It would be a shame to marry someone and then become the victim of fraud or worse, when motives for criminal and unethical behavior can often be discovered in advance during a background check.

Do you have doubts about your future spouse?

There’s no shame in getting your future spouse checked by private investigator before going ahead with anything.

What is Investigate about premarital investigation?

A prenuptial investigation comprises a series of background checks. We will look into the person’s present and past, confirming address details, marital status, births registered to them, their relatives, criminal activity, property ownership and any bankruptcies or county court judgment in their name.

Hire an experienced investigator, benefit from its expertise in pre-marital investigation and make the best decision for your marriage.

Simply asking could hardly get whole truth, if someone was trying to lie, UNION Private Detective Agency is your best partner on your way to truth.

Please discuss with us if you were suffering this kind of issues.