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Client investigation, Business check

To avoid risks, please stay away from landmine partners.

Business activities within human culture developments are getting more and more complicated and specific, there are too many known tricks and fraud methods and it restlessly happens every single day.

UNION Private Detective Agency has unique ways of investigation could help you read your business partner well, and get clear picture with real situation which could protect you from potential business risks. Our examination and check lists could certainly help you to understand your partner well.

Business investigation to help you know more about who you are doing business with.

Even you have good products / services, you have a good business reputation, even you have the best marketing.

Skills with powerful sales network, it is still not a 100% guarantee you could successfully see through a trade and get profits from it, if you don’t know who you are doing business with.

In most of the situation, people or companies never thought they should concern this and eventually they have to suffer a risk or even a serious damage within.

To prevent this, a pre-screening / reviewing against those you might doing business with would be an very important step before you devote yourself in this uncertain business relationship.

We could offer you proper investigation services to help you understand your client, your vendor, your partner, or even your board-member, anyone might associate with your business interests we could help you to understand them more, and protect you from risks.

UNION Private Detective Agency could help you to get a clear view of the true situation, and possibly protect you from harmful situations might damage your business, and maybe yourself.

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