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Indonesia Private Investigation from Taiwan

It is often the case with private investigation services that more than one area of expertise is required.

The professionals at UNION Private Detective Agency are well-versed in many specialized areas of investigation, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex civil and criminal investigations.

Nationwide and International background checks.

All background investigations are confidential, the person being investigated does not find out about your inquiry. Whether you require a person’s background information for pre-employment, legal or personal reasons, our private investigators can provide you with a comprehensive background report on the individual.

We offer but not limited to special investigations, surveillance, fraud investigations, claim investigations, litigation support and background investigations.

We provide to our customers fast, accurate, and consistent investigative and service results through professional, lawful and ethical investigations.

We provide frequent status reports and there are live investigators working 24 hours a day that you will have contact with.

Our native private investigators perform tailor-made services for you in the Capital Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Palembang, Batam, Makassar of Indonesia.

After your case is completed you will be provided with a final report of investigation, which contains all the pertinent evidence and information that has been uncovered for your case. We prepare the reports in an evidentiary manner for use in court if needed.

You will also receive all materials, video, and pictures that we have been obtained.

Services we offered

  • Executive & Key Staff Profiles
  • Adultery Investigation
  • Missing people locating
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Insurance investigation
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Brand Protection
  • Copyright Violation
  • Licensing & Franchise Violations
  • Unfair Competition Practices
  • Mark Usage & History / Debugging Sweep
  • Pre-Transaction Intelligence
  • Misrepresentations
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Pre-Merger / Pre-Acquisition Investigations
  • Criminal, civil, and domestic investigations
  • Witness Location / Litigation Support
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Witness Investigations and Evaluations

Our diverse team and network of police, pre government agents and private agencies enables us to uncover the truth. Find out the difference a professional company can make.

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