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Stalker Investigation

Prevent possible harm and tragedy.

Based on law-enforcement database, there are more and more victims of stalkers in recent years.

However, there are still more victims choose not to do anything to fight back and let those stalkers become more aggressive, even to innocent people could be harmed, included those who are underage and unable to fight for themselves.

Stalking behavior is defined as "unnecessary or excessive attention towards a person or a group", which may greatly disturb people who believe they are being stalked. Fortunately, these days people have a better awareness of this and there are recognized institutions that can help.

Stalker problems are more and more serious nowadays, which means you cannot simply ignore it before it could harm you worse.

In more extreme cases, it depends on what the person being tracked does, and we have first-hand experience of helping victims of stalkers.

Please let us to help you before it is too late.

UNION Private Detective Agency got you covered.

In major situation, simply call police to assist is easier and quick, however, police can hardly help you 24 hrs a day. At that time, you know you could always rely on us. We have experienced staffs and security skilled experts to help you and keep you safe.

If you got similar problems and in need of our help, please kindly let us know, we could help you find some better solutions to resolve this matter.