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Litigation support / investigation

Gathering necessary evidences for court cases.

No matter in crime or civil cases court, it is the most important part of legal procedure to gather all useful evidences to win the case, and get what we planned for in any legal mean.

Sometimes there will be situations you or your company are unable to offer enough evidences and might directly leads your court case failed, and caused you serious damage even you did nothing wrong with it.

UNION Private Investigation Inc. is your faithful solution provider to help you find all clues and necessary pieces of puzzles you could win a case or at least have something to negotiate with court or the other party to prevent serious damage and get useful settlement.

Please contact our professionals for more details and possible package solutions.

Necessary Skills.

Solid IT knowledge and a familiarity with document management systems and trial presentation software, hardware, and graphics applications are important. Litigation support professionals must have strong communication skills because the position involves a great deal of interaction with attorneys, staff and vendors. It also requires exceptional organizational abilities, critical thinking skills and keen attention to detail.

Negotiation and after-court project services.

Sometimes, even you win a case and get settlement / judgment, you could still hardly get compensation cause you have no abilities to understand the real situation or simply unable to retrieve due payment.

UNION Private Detective Agency will work with you to fulfill your needs in such matters, helping you to track hidden assets, or even more to negotiate an useful refund plan.

Please contact our case managers for more details.