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Corporate spy, Ex-worker screening

Damages may cause by your ex staffs.

Based on our experiences, there are more or less damages when you decided to cut off one or some staffs and let them leave, especially those officers or someone holds important, life or death information regarding your business. A discreet project to let them leave in peace, and even to understand what they might do to harm you after their leaving, is now become an important issue to all companies nowadays.

Types of industrial espionage.

Espionage by industrial companies usually involves theft. This may include theft of formulas, technologies, chemical formulas, proprietary information and intellectual property. Occasionally, corporate espionage activities will involve actual intrusions, this is done in person, he is specifically the employee you hire. Usually, this involves people being recruited behind the scenes and stealing secrets in order to obtain financial benefits or retaliate against companies they think have harmed them.

How to protect yourself from corporate spy.

Treat your employees well and be careful who you hire. One of the reasons for the company's espionage is employee dissatisfaction, they will steal business secrets, and then spread around because of anger.

Therefore, it is important to have a company culture that makes employees happy. It is also important to be careful about hiring people in any position. By hiring the most suitable person for the position, you ultimately reduce the chance of disgruntled employees trying to interact with you.

Hidden risks of a resume.

Only based on a resume cannot read a person of his past or who he really is, no mention the possibilities he or she might be malicious corporate spy.

Our employee screening program could directly help you in a best filter to secure your human resources, and to prevent from risks and troubles that may damage your business reputation / benefits.

Let staffs leave is always a lesson and even a concern to all companies, UNION Private Detective Agency offered packaged solutions to help you protect your company from malicious ex staffs from doing any harm to you, your company and your business.