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Employee Screening / Staff background investigation

Corporate spy, unfaithful staffs could lead a disaster of business.

Employees are the most valuable assets of a company, however, rotten staffs will cause serious damages, if you did not find them out in time, and control them well.

Employee check, please verify his identity first.

Request a candidate ID check is the foundation of any background check, ensuring that the simplest and most crucial claim is verified. Whether you only require an identity check, or you're using ID verification as the basis of our other services, you'll receive a professional, discreet service. Combining cutting edge technology with committed customer service, you'll always receive a reliable, legally compliant candidate identity check.

Criminal Background Checks.

The person you're hiring is the person you believe you're hiring?

When hiring a new employee, there are a number of things your company needs to take into account. Skills, experience and attitude should always be considered, but it's important that you don't neglect to carry out a criminal record search on your potential new recruit.

We can deliver a range of criminal record searches across the globe.

Union Detectives offers effective solutions to help you protect your company, and let your good staffs could stay away from bad affection from those rotten staffs, and to keep your company healthy and secured.

We have plenty cases could offer for you and your company to learn how to always stay safe and functional, and away from malicious undercover cells or simply rotten staffs to damage your business.

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