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Internal Investigation, Corruption Investigation

Corporate security management of information and classified data.

To all companies, information security is always the most important thing to protect company core value and benefits.

In this scenario, the quality and loyalty of employees are most key points to all risk control. From major case studies we could understand, any leaking information or privacy violation is everywhere every single day in any company, not limited by scales or even business type of companies.

In modern society, traditional culture of loyalty and honesty is missing, any possible chance for your employees to hold sensitive data or core information of your business, you should be aware of them.

If your major staffs are suddenly trying to leave, or any informal contact with other companies, especially your competitors, you should be careful and concern of such risk of possible compromising.

Please contact us if you found yourself facing such risk or compromising of company security.

Corruption investigation, Breaching of trust

Business activities are always comes with benefits and profits, if you were unable to have good management with it, your staffs could always have chances to make their own profits between.

To prevent any possibility of those misconducting, we sincerely suggest you should set up system and principles to effectively manage and control.

Meanwhile, internal investigation against corporate spy from inside or outside is also a major issue of modern companies. Any breaching of corporate spy may also come within staff corruption, which they will use it to gather more information from other key members of company. It is surely a problem and a task for every company to reconsider and to plan how to prevent or to save the company from such dangerous.

Years of experience shown, a proper investigation to all suspicious employees is always the best way to any possible damage or risk control.

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