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Counter surveillance, Debugging

Malicious Stalkers / surveillance to breach into your privacy and life

We don’t like to admit it but snoops, spies, and stalkers are in our neighborhoods, schools and places of business.

Business owners, corporate leaders, law enforcement teams, and government officials are concerned about information security.

With technology develops, cloud-drives accessing, and advancing of using in mobile devices, with a little curiosity and helps of Google, it is already not a problem even for amateurs to monitor other people on their own.

With a proper investigation and detection, we could help you prevent from any possible malicious hidden camera or monitor technology to protect your privacy.

Help You Protect Yourself from Unwanted Surveillance

Any important information or personal privacy leaking was found only when it is already blown in the wind, and hard to do anything to save or to prevent anymore.

Sensitive details are often discussed in meetings and on phone calls, making it essential for conference rooms, corporate offices, and phone lines to be secure.

It’s also important to monitor and protect yourself from unwanted surveillance that could come in the form of a security breach.

Hence, to detect or to prevent any possible leaking in advance is already become an issue no matter you are just nobody, or somebody carried with high value information (let’s say your privacy worth something).

When you suspect you are being followed, stalked or watched it’s time to invest in counter surveillance.

Information security is about more than ensuring that you have all of the protective measures in place.

Our counter measure devices will sweep for bugs, GPS trackers, hidden cameras and audio/video surveillance devices.

Private consumers are also often concerned about information security when dealing with legal concerns or the handling of personal, sensitive information.

Union Detective could help you on your personal / corporation security management and detecting malicious means against you or your business, please contact us for more details and a proper detection plan for it.